Monday, August 24, 2009

"I love rock and roll ..."

"... so put another dime in the juice box, ba-bay."

This is how my son sings along to Joan Jett (and the Blackhearts - can't forget those poor Blackhearts!) while Annabelle, Jason, and I are playing Guitar Hero.

It's funny that because he had never heard the word "jukebox" before, he heard it as a different, familiar word instead. It made me think about the way we all hear things based on our own perspective. Not in a make-up-your-own-vocals way, like Nathan did - no, I'm talking about the way that we hear people's words and attribute meaning to them based on our own feelings and experiences.

Jason and I hear things differently all the time. We'll hang out with a friend, and afterward he'll say, "She seems to be doing well," and I choke and gasp and roll around on the floor in disbelief because she is clearly NOT doing well at all. I'm like, "Didn't you hear what she was telling us?" and he's defensive: "Yeah! She said work's been busy." And I roll my eyes as far back as I can in my head as I sloooowly spell out for him all of the words that I heard in between the lines. "'Work's busy?' Didn't you notice that she didn't mention anything about how it's going with the new boyfriend?? Clearly there's trouble in paradise there, she just doesn't want to talk about it."


Okay, so maybe sometimes I hear a little more than what is actually there. But I guess that's my point. Don't we all add our own spin to the lyrics?


  1. Hahahahah - you and Missy totally need to spend more time together. I had no idea you were so similar, she does the exact same thing! Love it. -Katherine

  2. Thanks for reading, Katherine! It's funny - Missy and I had a lovely talk today, and she was sharing some wise advice she's been reading: we moms need to make sure that we have some time for ourselves each day so that we don't lose ourselves to mommydom and burn out. This blog has been that outlet for me - it's been so much fun to do something that I enjoy! I look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Very soon, I hope!