Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kiss Me ... Like This ... On the Mouth!

Nathan has some pretty serious ideas about how things should be. In the morning, he'll give me a rushed pity kiss before demanding, "What are we gonna have?" as in, "Feed me NOW." When it's time to get in the van, he insists on "helping" me open the door, and then he insists on putting his own arms through the straps of his car seat. (If I do it for him, he will take the arms back out, all in a huff, and then do it all over again, himself.) I've grown pretty accustomed to following the whims of my little dictator, but he's added a new step to his bedtime routine that's got me feeling a little ... cheap.

It started a few weeks ago when I was trying - in a rare moment - to be silly with Nathy while tucking him in. Instead of giving him the usual little peck, I gave him a really exaggerated smooch on the mouth, with head tilting back and forth and a big mmmwah! noise for the finale. He giggled, and I giggled, and then I closed the door and headed off to a place called My Time.

I didn't think anything of this until the next night when I was tucking him in. I gave him my customary hug and then a little peck, and instead of settling in, he gave me his disappointed face and whined, "No, Mommy, kiss me ... like this ... on the mouth!"

And so now every night I give my son a huge Broadway smooch, so big that people in the cheap seats can see that we are kissing. Even when I'm just not in the mood or I have a headache. (Hopefully you see this as me Being A Loving Mom and aren't calling Detectives Benson and Stabler right now...)

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